We begin the planning process by drawing a diagram of the area you want to pave, taking note of any existing structures such as buildings, fences and other paved areas. Once we are satisfied with the local survey, we then determine the best stones and the proper amount of supplies you need.

Underground Investigations

We conduct a thorough underground survey collaborating with local utility companies before beginning the excavation process to ensure safety and prevent damage to any underground utilities.

Base Installation

Once the initial surveys are completed, we start preparing the base. For large paved areas we compact the surface of the excavated soil. In smaller paved areas a hand tamper may be sufficient. We then fill the area with crushed stone

Edge Restraint Installation

The purpose of edge restraints is to provide a solid barrier to prevent the pavers from rolling or spreading. We use PVC, aluminum, concrete or pressure-treated wood, depending on the surface.

Screening the Bedding Sand

Before we lay the pavers, we prepare a bed of sand. To accomplish this we galvanized electrical conduit, strips of wood or other suitable material, such as screed rails, and place them down the area to be paved.

Layering Pavers

We now lay the pavers in the chosen pattern, carefully aligning them with proper measurements.